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Recorded Webinar: How to Engineer Success for Your Students: The Perfect Reinforcer

  • 11 Dec 2018
  • 8:40 PM
  • 31 Dec 2050
  • 3:00 PM
  • Online




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$10 - TAGteacher

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Webinar Description

As brand new TAGteacher I was worried sick about reinforcers. What I could use in my class? With my son? With my clients?  As my experience was building up, I've discovered  that Success was the greatest reinforcer. I’ve started to think about that when I started my archery practice. My coach was tagging me and I was happy with results: I  didn’t need candies or other tangible reinforcers to keep practicing (Which I'm still doing after 4 years). Three years ago I’ve started to work in special education and to my surprise my students with “great disabilities" preferred success and good instructions to stickers.  Finally I prepared a TAGteach presentation with my son Alessandro. He has been my first tag learner and the main reason I’ve got involved with TAGteach in the first place. Working with him, I’ve discovered that Alessandro shares a great knowledge about learning with TAGteach and the importance of Success as reinforcer.


  • Success as "Meta-reinforcer"
  • Success in TAGteach
  • What learners find reinforcing...
  • From "to know what to do" to "Practice" a leaner's perspective on learning
  • The evidence of success with Precision Teaching

About Luca

Luca is a long-time member of the TAGteach Faculty. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. He has worked across several fields: TAGteacher, school teacher, special needs school teacher, archaeologist, and professional dog trainer.

His experience with TAGteach is widespread and includes; sports training (developing TAGteach procedures for Olympic Archery); writing skills, safety procedures, and management in the school classroom; teaching people to train the pets; and as the father of a wonderful son, Alessandro, he is refining TAGteach as a positive reinforcement tool in parenting.   Luca has presented many TAGteach seminars and webinars in universities, classrooms and regional events.

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