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Arizona ABA Pre-Conference Workshop - Primary Certification

  • 05 Nov 2015
  • 8:00 AM
  • 06 Nov 2015
  • 5:00 PM
  • 5025 E Washington St, Phoenix AZ

What is TAGteach? A Little Bit of Science and A lot of Practicality


  • Cutting edge tools for teaching and learning
  • Born in science and best practices
  • Strategic tools cut teaching time in half
  • Real tools - not just theory

 "I thought this was a great seminar, but I had no idea how it would change my life." Anja Rudolf - Germany

Registration Information

Date: Nov 5-6, 2015

Place: 5025 E Washington St, Phoenix AZ

Preconference workshop at Arizona ABA Conference


20 Spaces Available

Click to Register: http://www.azaba.org/event/azaba-pre-conference-workshop/

Whether it's a short lesson or a short attention span, you have a limited amount of productive time with your students. Students can only absorb so much information before they have to shut down and process. The window during a lesson where students are fresh, focused and open to more instruction is fleeting. Frustration can build quickly on both sides as you are still expected get through your lesson plan and produce results.

The Solution: Optimize Time with TAGteach
TAGteach offers a solution by providing a breakthrough in the way information, feedback and reinforcement is delivered to your students. All without changing whatever technical teaching approach you currently use. Learn how to keep your student fresh and focused and keyed into every instruction you deliver. You’ll actually be able to talk less, teach more and get better results in whatever time you have.

"I've attended many seminars, and brought home many certificates but the TAGteach certificate is the very first I've chosen to hang on my wall." Luca Canever – Trainer, Italy

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Learn more about TAGteach before you decide if this seminar is right for you:

TAGteach for Dog Trainers
TAGteach for Teachers and Coaches
TAGteach for Parents and Therapists - Autism and Special Needs

TAGteach Primary Certification Agenda:
Interactive seminar/workshop including PPT, discussion, practicals, and video.

Day One:
TAGteach Introduction 
Where it started, where it’s going, what that means for you.
The Student
Shocking insight as to what your learner really hears when you are teaching.

The Focus Funnel
The Focus Funnel will become your #1 tool for engineering “perfect instructions” enabling you to talk less and teach more. You’ll wonder how you ever taught without it!

The Audible Marker
The audible mark or “tag” is the star of the show and the ace up your sleeve! Say goodbye to wandering attention and hello to success for you and your student.
The Ultimate Refinement
Learn to perfect the timing of your instructions and reinforcement so they supersede distractions in the learning environment. 

Day 2:
More tools 
TAGulators, self-tagging, and tagging without a marker

Practice, Design, Discuss 
TAGteach lessons you want to start using immediately

Ready, Set, Go!
You’ll be ready to use what you've learned the moment the seminar ends

Q & A
Closing comments
Presentation of certificates
Certification: You will be eligible, but not required to earn Primary level TAGteach certification at this seminar. 

Click here for more information about certification levels. 

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